Birds At The Bunya Mountains

On our recent trip to the Bunya Mountains (native rainforest in Queensland) we were delighted to find the famous bower of the Satin Bowerbirds.  the male (blue satin coloured bird below) had adorned the nest with blue objects that match his sweetheart's eyes.  He was attempting to woo her and impress her with his bower building abilities.

male satin bowerbird wooing female bowerbird


Blue straws, milk bottle caps and any other blue coloured objects are a source of great joy to the bowerbirds who like to collect these valuables to decorate their bower.  The female bird does not nest in the bower, but the male bird builds it to demonstrate his housebuilding abilities to prospective females.

blue bowerbird's blue bower


The female bowerbird is a mottled green, but her eyes are a lovely blue and the male tries to match them in all the 'adornings' he tries to find for their bower. Ron actually got a video of them wooing which you can see here.

female bowerbird


The Red Brow Finches below are tiny birds with an amazingly loud voice.  They are as pretty as they are cute.

red brow finches


From a distance they can be mistaken for autumn leaves fluttering on the ground.

red brow finches also called firetails


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