Adventurer Georgie Magpie Leaves Home

georgie flyingSome birds are adventurers, others like Sophie prefer staying at home.  Georgie like her eldest sister Gemmy is an adventurer and left home around the age of seven months.   A family of magpies with another bird around her age were passing by, the birds called us and showed us their negotiations as  they played and sky-dived with each other.  Next day Georgie had joined the gang and flown over the valley into the far yonder.  Quite amazing considering her older siblings Mindy and Monty are still home giving Mum Vicky company.

Magpie juvis, we've noticed over the generations, like to keep company with other juvis their own age.  When Gemmy left at a tender age, we thought she was lonely being an only kid.  Even though Mindy and Monty are only a year older, Georgie chose to go with another her age.  There must be something in the skills they develop frolicking together.  Or maybe he was a young male and Georgie got the opportunity to forge a lifelong friendship, like the kind her father Maggie had with his foster sisters Cindy and Tammie.  Vicky seemed pleased with the arrangement.

We got some lovely shots of Geogie with Mindy and Monty just days before she left. 

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