Peacocks at Ranthambore National Park

Peacocks and peahens prance about the Ranthambore National Forest enjoying the food found in the scrub especially near the lakes. Only a tiny hint of the splendid terracotta underfeathers from the side (see pics at bottom for a view of the magnificent plumage).peacock at ranthambore

A bird cools his feet in the in the shallow edged of the lake. His famous tail feathers are tightly folded behind him, disguising its size and splendour.

peacock and peahens pottering at Ranthambore National Park

  Indian folk songs celebrate the peacock's dance and magnificent array of feathers.

 peacock-peahen at Ranthambore

 A male peacock spreads his fan hoping to to impress the ladies around him. 

 peacocks at Ranthambore

 Their artistic eyes, crown, angles and colourful tails  are depicted in many silk paintings and all forms of Indian art.

peacocks at Ranthambore

 Despite their bright, fluorescent colours, they are surprisingly well camouflaged in the forest.

peacocks peahens at ranthambore

 The glossy terracotta feathers (close up below) blend well with soil and foliage.

peacock side view - ranthambore

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Looks wonderful. Never knew that one day you will capture it all in your blog.