Indian Bittern - Saved From the Crocodile at Ranthambore

water birds at Ranthambore

On our trip to the Ranthambore National Park we saw many birds basking near the lakes.

cranes at ranthambore

 Some were roosting on the tree tops....


water birds at ranthambore

  while others perched on branches sticking out of the water. 

waterbirds at ranthambore

Others still pottered around the edges of the lake.

crocodiles at ranthambore

The birds kept one eye on the fish or food in the scrub,

crocodiles at ranthambore

while the other stayed vigilant for the many crocodiles lurking about. The crocs are well camouflaged against the backrgound, be it on the land, 

crocodiles at ranthambore

 or the scrub at edge of the lake, or the rocks in the midst of the water, or

crocodiles at ranthambore

sneakily lurking underwater getting uncomfortably close to an unsuspecting prey -

bittern & crocodile at ranthambore

-  the bittern  having a momentarily dozed off in the warm sunlight.

bittern at ranthambore

 But the bittern had friends and while were delighting in the beautiful views and scenery in front of us,.

water birds at ranthambore

the cormorant sitting on the tree nearby flew over the bittern's head squawking, urging her friend to leave for a safer perch

crocodile at ranthambore

Within seconds the bittern obliged and the croc left by himself with no prey nearby.



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